UFOS, Larry King and the United States Government!

May 7 2011 in Aliens, Ufology by Timothy Bowers

Is there a coverup of UFO activity going, is this some secret weapon testing or malfunction or this just another UFO conspiracy by some overactive imagination?

All valid questions and depending on your level of scepticism the answer will most likely be clear cut to you regardless of what supposed UFO and alien proof comes to surface.

This is the video released on YouTube by Alex Hearn and his colleague Mich. One YouTube Member TheMufonman states “I see a white object moving from right to left. Its not a rocket because it does not have any con trail to it. To me, its moving very fast……” Another Member by the name of Atho777 said “I agree at 21 seconds there is sign of a second object. This could be a test fire to shoot down a second rocket and it looks like it missed the target.”.

If I’m to be critical the second object which is mentioned at 21 seconds (Looks like 19 to 20 seconds to me) could indeed be something totally unrelated in the skies, it appears to emanate from behind and on the right to the contrail, the quality of the video seen form youtube does not enable you to distinguish exactly what that second object might be. I personally would argue that it could be anything airborne including birds, balloons or even something silly like rubbish although admittedly it does not appear to be windy enough to carry any type of rubbish.

As for the contrail, it could be just that and not necessarily anything from out of space. But that is just my humble opinion of course.

In 2008 here is what Larry King had to say regarding similar matters:

Alex Hearn stated on his Facebook:

At the very least it’s a Missile Launch, over a populated area, not sure if they would do that for just a test. We’ve confirmed what looks like Missile Silos in the the direction where this Launch came from.

Also it came from what may be a possible underground base as big as 5 towns…

What do you think? Is this a UFO being targeted and shot down? Is it some random testing?